Online Email Cleansing

There is no reason to send to invalid email addresses again. Our online self-service email cleansing tool allows you to upload your database to check every email address you hold from as little as £8 per cleanse.

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Full Email Validation Service

If you are looking for an even more thorough cleanse on your database dues to the data being rather old or too large to cleanse online, the fully managed email validation service takes your data that one step further.

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Real-time Email Validation API

Only capture valid email addresses on your website forms. Our real-time email validation API connects to your online forms and prompts a user to correct their email address if they try to submit a mis-typed, invalid email address.

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Is it Email or Data Appending that you are looking for?

Email Cleansing – sometimes referred to as Email Validation or Email Verification – in simple is a process for checking the validity of one or more email addresses to ensure they are accurate and suitable to send to without deliverability issues.

However, this is often accompanied by a process called Email Appending or Data Appending. Here, invalid or missing information is identified from within a database and then appended to the current data, filling in any gaps.

You can learn more about Email and Data Appending by visiting our sister site

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