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Our Story

Before a company looks to buy data, or extend their prospect marketing, they must first maximise the effectiveness of their current data files. In most cases, this starts with the email cleansing.

Emailinspector is powered by Emailmovers Limited. It was created with a simple aim: to rid the industry of cold, invalid email data and streamline the process of email marketing for everybody.

As with most of Emailmovers’ products, Emailinspector was born from technology; developed to assist with problems faced internally. We needed a trusted method of email cleansing in order to accurately and efficiently validate our email data and keep our records up to date. Over the last 10 years, Emailmovers used combination of electronic email validation, manual authentication and delivery feedback to cleanse our data. The view was to create a technology based solution to do it all, which could be trusted. This way we would be able to cleanse our entire file as often as we liked, ensuring our clients were provided with the most accurate up to date email data in the industry.

After a couple of years, we perfected the solution for ourselves. We knew it would also be a huge benefit to our clients, prospects and any company with an eye on email marketing. Emailinspector was born; a portal which allowed clients the opportunity to upload files of their own in a safe, secure environment; remove hard bounces and instantly see a better return on their email marketing efforts.

Emailinspector online email cleansing is extremely cheap designed to be used by everyone as a fast effective method of cleansing email data.

For larger files where more help is needed, or if a company is experiencing problems in delivering their email data, we offer a more in-depth solution. Emailinspector full email validation involves us taking your file in-house and perform a series of checks on it. We check for ill-formed addresses, duplicates and spam traps within the file before rectifying every record into good or bad through our syntax and mailbox checking.

Through these methods we are able to identify why the file is so problematic and create a plan of action around increasing the effectiveness of our client’s current databases.

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