What is Real-time Email Validation
and Why Do We Need It?

Along with a users’ name, email addresses are probably the most commonly fields found on web forms all over the internet. Until recently, there has been no solid solution to ensure that emails addresses are entered accurately in to these forms.

For example, many will have come across the frustrating situation when you are asked when signing up for something online to ‘enter your email address’ and then again to ‘re-enter your email address’. This is just one of the old-school methods used in attempt to ensure you have entered your email correctly.

Other methods include basic checks on the format of the entered email, but still fail to verify that the email address is both correctly entered and a genuine, working email address.

For these reasons, a new solution benefits both the user and the data collector, making life easier for the user and ensuring that only accurate email data is collected.

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The Emailinspector Email Validation API

We have developed an Email Validation API solution that allows you to integrate real-time email validation functionality in to the forms on your own website, instantaneously checking if the email address entered is valid or invalid.

It has been shown that up to 30% of emails entered online can be erroneous, ill-formed or misspelt. The Emailinspector Email Validation API stops a user submitting invalid data before it even enters your system.

By eradicating this data at source, your on-going marketing will become more responsive leading to a better return on investment.

Key benefits include:

Better User Experience

Avoid having your customers confirm their email a second time, with a clear valid email message.

Only Accept Accurate Data

Avoid any potential deliverability issues, improve your reputation with ESPs and ensure you get contact your customers.

Many Applications

Solution for lead generation, ecommerce, call-centres, membership sites and more.

Easy Integration

Easily add email validation to your existing website using our API, with full documentation provided.

Monthly Plans

Cost effective monthly cleansing plans based on the number of API requests made from your online forms.

Cost Saving

Maintaining a high standard of email data avoids missed revenue and saves on unnecessary sending costs.

Start using Real-time Email Validation Now

If you would like to discuss how the Emailinspector Email Validation API can work for you, contact one of team on 0845 467 4115 or send us an enquiry using the form across.